A Guide for Selling Failed Cars in Dubai

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  • 04 April,2024 , 12:56 pm

A Guide for Selling Failed Cars in Dubai

Selling a failed car or a damaged car that an insurance company has declared a total loss is similar to selling a well-maintained second-hand car. The primary distinctions are the location of the sale and the information you must provide regarding the state of the car.

There are other ways to sell a salvage or damaged car besides listing it online and waiting for offers from private purchasers.

Where Can I Trade in My Failed Car?

Some of your alternatives for selling a damaged car are listed below:

Junkyards: If your junk automobile isn't running, a scrap yard might be a decent place to sell it.

Dealerships: Although you might receive a lower price than you want, certain dealerships will buy cars with significant damage.

Private purchasers: A small percentage of private buyers may acquire damaged or broken cars so they can repair them or recover the parts.

Websites that sell cars: Selling your car online can be simple and effective if you choose to sell it to buyers who specialize in buying damaged vehicles.

Advice on Getting a Broken Car Sold

Since selling a failed car might be a little challenging, we've put together a list of pointers to help make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Evaluate the Damage

Finding out exactly what kind of damage your car has and how it impacts its worth should be your priority. Get a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle from a mechanic, along with a report on all of its essential systems.

Next, find your car's Kelley Blue Book value according to its condition. That will help you determine how much you should anticipate receiving for your damaged vehicle.

Make the Required Repairs

It should go without saying, but selling a working car will get you the most money. This is contingent upon the state of your car and the cost of repairs, though.

If the car just needs minor repairs to be driven, it will probably be worthwhile to get those done to increase the car's value and raise the asking price when it is sold. Nonetheless, the repairs aren't worthwhile if your trash automobile needs more work than it is worth.

Keep in mind that you will need to disclose to any prospective car buyers that your car was formerly an undrivable one if you decide to fix it before selling it.

Sell Your Car" As Is"

It can be worthwhile to consider selling your seriously damaged car to a salvage yard. Salvage lots purchase totaled and non-running automobiles and then resell the parts to other customers at a reduced cost.

If you need to get rid of an old automobile that isn't working or if you want to scrap your car, this is a decent alternative, but keep in mind that you won't likely get top offers.

Sell the Car's Components

Dismantling a damaged vehicle and selling separate parts is a smart method to get rid of it. Parts in good condition are usually accepted by salvage yards.

Private purchasers can search for particular auto parts. Parts can be listed on internet auction sites or local marketplaces like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

Sell My Failed Car: The Essentials

There are various choices available to you in case you need to sell your failed car that is damaged or not functional. Although selling to an online auto buyer might allow you to receive a better price, you still have the option to sell to junkyards and individual buyers.

As you start the car selling process, make sure you thoroughly evaluate the damage and inform any prospective purchasers of the car's past and current conditions.


The following are some common inquiries concerning the sale of a damaged vehicle:

Can a severely damaged car be traded in?

Yes, you can sometimes trade in a car with major damage, but it might not be financially worthwhile. Some auto dealerships refuse to accept salvage or damaged vehicles because selling vehicles in good shape generates more revenue.

How can I sell a car that has little damage?

Selling an automobile to a private buyer is the most popular method for selling one that has little damage, according to KharabCar.com. Some search for "as is" auto sales to use the vehicle's parts or restore it.

How much does a failed car cost?

You can get an approximate idea of how much to deduct from the Kelley Blue Book estimate based on the extent of the damage. While more significant damage can result in a much larger price decrease, light damage often only warrants a 10% to 15% reduction in price. Getting an appraisal is the best approach to finding out how much a damaged car can sell for.