Does A New Engine Increase The Value Of My Car?

  • 17 October,2023 , 12:32 pm

Does A New Engine Increase The Value Of My Car?

If you're considering selling your car, you might want to take every step possible to raise its worth and get the best possible deal. The paintwork may need to be touched up to look brand new, and small and serious defects may need to be repaired. But what about replacing the engine?

How well your car runs is one of the key variables determining how much it is worth. Test drivers will be able to tell if the engine is old and worn out and will anticipate a price reduction if this is the case. However, if your automobile runs well, you can anticipate paying more for it. Although replacing the engine is expensive up front, it will ultimately raise the value of your car.

This rise might not, however, be sufficient to warrant the expense. Continue reading to learn how a new engine can raise the value of your car and any potential negatives.

Why Does The Value Of A New Engine Rise?

Your car's performance will improve if you replace the engine because the new engine won't have any of the wear and tear of the old one. Particularly if you intend to sell your car privately, nobody will want to buy your automobile without giving it a thorough inspection and perhaps a test drive. It's truly that simple; if your engine doesn't sound good, people won't want to buy your automobile.

Is Buying A New Engine Help to Get More Value?

Not quite; it all depends on the rationale behind your new engine purchase. For instance, if the engine in a classic car has been replaced, the new engine simply takes the place of the old one, which had become damaged due to years of use and wear.

However, if you've been in a significant auto accident, there might be other, potentially very dangerous, car problems besides the engine. In this situation, a new engine wouldn't be the best solution. It might still somewhat boost the value, but it might also end up costing you more than it's worth.

When Does A New Engine Make A Car Less Valuable?

Engine replacement might have a detrimental effect in some situations. If the engine wasn't changed by a skilled mechanic, prospective purchasers might be worried that the vehicle isn't safe to drive. They might believe you're concealing the vehicle's accident history or that the vehicle in general has a problem.

How Much Additional Worth Can A New Engine Give My Car?

There is no clear-cut response to this query because it is based on a variety of variables, including how much your car was previously worth and its general state. As this can only really be supplied on a case-by-case basis, you should have a skilled mechanic give you an estimate.

Resetting mileage after a new engine?

No, your car's mileage won't be reset if you change the engine. Since the odometer is linked to the front wheel hub rather than the engine, any modifications to the engine, even replacing it, won't have an impact on it. Only by tampering with the odometer is it possible to reset the mileage. Simple you can sell your engine-damaged car at for the best pricing.

Where can I find a motor?

A new engine can be purchased through a spare parts supplier, online, or at an auction. Even your neighborhood mechanic might be able to help you locate one.

What is the price of a new engine?

It absolutely depends on the circumstances of each case. Depending on the type of engine you require, its size, and how challenging it is to obtain, an engine's price might be higher.

How long does changing a car engine take?

Changing your engine could generally take 8 to 12 hours, but it might take even longer. On the lower end of this scale would be a straightforward engine replacement performed by an experienced mechanic, but the more difficult the task, the longer it will take.

What potential issues could arise after replacing the engine?

Always be aware that after replacing the engine in your car, a problem could still occur. You can discover oil leaks, strange noises, or a decrease in your car's performance. You should have your car thoroughly inspected after having your engine changed to be sure that no crucial parts have been harmed along the way.

What Alternatives Do You Have To A New Engine?

Remanufactured and rebuilt engines:

Although again, this depends on the specifics, buying a refurbished or remanufactured engine is nearly always less expensive than purchasing a new engine.

Your existing engine needs repair:

You might be able to get your engine fixed if the damage is not severe. However, this might not be a possibility if the damage is too severe.

An automobile that requires a new engine to be sold:

You can always sell your car without having the damaged engine fixed or replaced, but you should anticipate getting less money for it than you would if the engine were in good operating order.

How Will I Know If The Cost Of Repairing My Car Is Prohibitive?

You might need to sell your car in order to reduce your losses because maintaining a damaged vehicle on the road can be expensive. You should get a repair estimate from a reliable local garage to see if this is the case and then do some market research on the car's value. This will enable you to assess the financial viability of the quoted job. offers a free car valuation service so you can find out how much your automobile is worth. Include any damage the car has incurred for the most precise value. This will enable you to weigh the costs and advantages and make an informed decision.