How to Claim Car Insurance for Own Damage in UAE?

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  • 10 June,2024 , 12:52 pm

How to Claim Car Insurance for Own Damage in UAE?

You may incur minimal medical expenses and auto repair costs even after a minor traffic collision. Thankfully, car insurance is required in the United Arab Emirates and usually pays for these expenses. 

Choosing a comprehensive insurance policy or a third-party auto insurance plan might relieve a great deal of tension. You only need to make an insurance claim in the event of an accident, and the insurance company will take care of the expenditures.

Everything you require to file a car insurance claim in the United Arab Emirates will be covered in this article.

Advice For Following a Car Accident

After a traffic emergency, it makes no sense to argue with the other driver or engage in physical altercations. In the event that you are in an accident, remain composed and follow these procedures.

Speak with the Police

Without a police-provided accident report, you are unable to submit a claim on your auto insurance in the United Arab Emirates. Report the collision to the police before taking any further action. 

Take pictures of your failed car and any other injuries you sustained in the collision. This bolsters your insurance claim and facilitates just pay for you. The scene of the collision, your vehicle, and the photos will all be examined by the police.

Following a car inspection, the police issue each driver a red or green form or paper. The driver who is at fault receives the red form, while the driver who is impacted receives the green form. These forms include the contact information for each party involved in the accident as well as an accident summary.

Speak with Your Auto Insurance Providers

Report the collision to your auto insurance company as soon as you have the police report. Provide your auto insurance company with all the incident data in order to expedite the processing of your insurance claim.

The following is a list of things to never do following an automobile accident.

What Is Required In the UAE To File For Car Insurance?

The following paperwork is needed in the UAE to file a claim on auto insurance:

  • An official police report
  • Document about vehicle registration
  • Certificate of vehicle modification, if applicable
  • Both drivers' licenses

completed insurance claim forms (the form that each party must complete after receiving it from their insurance provider)

It is relevant to mention how crucial it is to carefully read your auto insurance coverage. The insurance company sends a claim form to both drivers. It is easier for the motorist to negotiate the desired settlement amount with the insurance agent when they are well-informed about the terms and conditions, kind of coverage, perks, and exclusions to which they are entitled. One of the biggest sources of worry is not knowing what your insurance covers.

Appropriate Time To Submit a Car Insurance Claim?

In the United Arab Emirates, you may submit a claim for auto insurance in the following situations:

When a Person Sustains a Bodily Injury in an Accident

Should you sustain any physical harm as a consequence of the collision, you need to notify your insurance company right once. It is advisable that, while submitting a car insurance claim, you evaluate your car and the entire damage in the context of your policy.

Note that you can only submit an insurance claim if collision or accident coverage is included in your vehicle insurance plan.

If Your Automotive Is Damaged

If the other driver causes a damaged car, you will receive payment under third-party liability insurance. On the other hand, if you are at fault, the only way you may get paid is if you have comprehensive auto insurance.

In addition to covering the claimant and the at-fault driver, comprehensive insurance plans also cover damage to your car brought on by natural disasters. This is a thorough explanation of the distinctions between comprehensive and third-party auto insurance.

After The Claim Proceeds, What Happens?

To register a claim and find out how the insurance claim is handled, follow these steps:

  • Make a car insurance claim by providing the necessary paperwork, such as a copy of the vehicle registration and the original police report.
  • Take your car to an authorized dealer or garage for an estimate once the insurance company approves the repairs.
  • The garage or dealer will evaluate the damage and notify the insurance provider of the necessary repairs.
  • The repair process begins as soon as the insurance company gives its approval.
  • Take your car back after the repairs are finished.

All of it has to do with submitting a claim for auto insurance in the United Arab Emirates. If the collision left your vehicle irreparably damaged, you have the option of purchasing a new vehicle from this list of affordable used cars:

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For more on auto insurance policies, filing for auto insurance in the UAE, traffic laws, and fines for infractions, keep checking out the top auto blog in the UAE.