Should I Sell My Abandoned Car Instead Of Fixing It?

  • 17 October,2023 , 12:23 pm

Should I Sell My Abandoned Car Instead Of Fixing It?

Sell my abandoned car because my car will start accruing maintenance fees after it reaches a particular age (or has covered a specific number of miles). Have you ever taken a quick glimpse at an invoice for auto repairs and thought, "Was it really worth it?"

You may have previously spent a sizeable sum on one very difficult repair or a number of smaller adjustments over time. If your abandoned car suffers additional damage, you might question if it's really worthwhile to have it fixed at all or whether selling it right away would be better for your pocketbook.

There may not always be an obvious solution, but there are several things you can think about to guide your choice.

What Kinds Of Damage Are Simple To Repair?

Vehicle damage can range from small aesthetic flaws to more serious structural problems. Any issue on the lower end of this range ought to be simple to resolve. Most of the time, a bodywork professional can fix any small dings and scratches at a reasonable price. If the scratches aren't too deep, you can even remove them yourself.

How Do Dents Influence The Value Of My Car?

You might strike it fortunate when it comes to replacing broken body parts like bumpers or doors by finding one in the appropriate color for a fair price. Costs, however, might soar if your car needs more involved structural repairs. This is particularly true when the necessary parts are hard to find or extensive labor is required to repair the damage.

What If The Cost Of Repairs Exceeds The Worth Of My Car?

The cost of repairs is occasionally higher (or very close to) the car's purchase price. In this situation, determine if the suggested renovations are likely to raise the total value of the property. You should think about selling my car instead of having it repaired if the expenditures are greater than 50% of its overall value.

Consider how much time you're willing to wait for your car to be fixed as well. You could have to hold off on the repairs for a few weeks, depending on the degree of the damage and the availability of the garage. You might be left without a car in the interim, which could lengthen your commute. Therefore, you should consider selling the automobile (and buying a new one) if you determine that the inconvenience is not worth it.

Is It Worthwhile To Have My Damaged Automobile Fully Serviced?

Maintaining your car's value over time with routine maintenance is possible. Having a complete service history for your car might also help to mitigate the consequences of depreciation. Maintaining the service schedule is absolutely necessary if you have an older vehicle and the damage isn't too serious (for example, small bodywork dents or scratches without mechanical or structural damage) since this will ensure that everything else is functioning properly.

Are Abandoned Cars Challenging To Sell?

It can be challenging to sell a damaged car to a private or dealership dealer. Before the vehicle is even deemed roadworthy, repairs may be required, which may reduce the number of potential buyers. Additionally, you must disclose any damage or problems.

Selling your damaged car to a scrap yard (if it is a write-off) or to a company like can be much simpler. They will only evaluate your car and give you a reasonable amount for it.

Can You Afford A New Vehicle?

Your decision-making process should take into account the price of a new car. In order to reduce repair expenses, it's possible that you'll consider buying a replacement. This requires either paying the full amount upfront or entering into a credit arrangement.

You might wish to consider keeping your old car if this cost is much greater than your repair costs. It all depends on your unique situation. Sell your car and move on, nevertheless, if your budget allows you to upgrade to a brand-new vehicle. If money is tight, you should put together a more thorough cost breakdown to determine what you can afford to undertake.

A brand-new car can prove to be too expensive for you. In this instance, don't give up hope. There are several high-quality new and second-hand cars available that can also satisfy your needs.

If I Can't Fix My Automobile, Where Should I Sell It?

A damaged car might be sold to a private buyer, a dealership, an online buyer, or a junkyard. The scrap value of your car will often be offered to you by scrapyards. If the damage is not severe, it's likely that you can find a better deal elsewhere.

Your damaged car might also be of interest to private parties, and dealerships might take it in exchange for a newer model, saving you money.

Additionally, you can sell your damaged vehicle to Based on the car's condition and its current market worth, we will offer a valuation. You will have a chance to bring your automobile to us so that your valuation is secured, shielding you from changes in market value.

How to Price Your Car to Sell in Dubai?

Looking to sell a car in Dubai, United Arab Emirates? It goes without saying that the price will largely determine how quickly you can sell your car. You could have to wait several months before a buyer calls if you price your automobile too expensive.

The price being set too low, on the other hand, would result in a speedy sale but would leave money on the table. The experts at have compiled some helpful advice for car sellers to help them determine the appropriate price for their used vehicle.

Verify if your car's pricing is reasonable by comparing it to vehicles of a similar type. Browse through our website to see what other comparable cars have been valued in order to quickly and easily determine your car's market worth.

When comparing, be sure to use vehicles that are comparable in terms of age, condition, features, and mileage. Do not contrast Land Cruiser VXR and Land Cruiser GXR or apples and oranges. Or you might utilize the helpful car valuator from