Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Engine Damaged Cars!

  • 18 October,2023 , 01:02 pm

Ultimate Guide for Selling Your Engine Damaged Cars!

Selling your engine-damaged car is worth it if it has reached its maximum mileage and is in terrible shape. This is so that you can sell the nearly all-metal components of your car as scrap. Rims, frames, car doors, panels, and engines are just a few of them.

These auto parts are made of metals that can be sold as scrap, including iron, steel, brass, copper, and others. Continue reading to learn more about how to sell your car with engine problems.

Additionally, you can determine how much metal your automobile has and which components should be targeted for scrapping.

Suitable Metals For Scrapping of Engine Damaged Cars!

Metals of many sorts are used by automakers to create a single vehicle. The typical ones could be:


Undoubtedly, steel makes up the majority of your car's body. While car doors, hoods, trunks, and frames are composed of steel, other car parts like bumpers and grills are made of rubber or plastic.


Look for copper in your car if you want to sell it for scrap metal. Additionally, if you need to sell my car for cash and want to earn a good profit, copper is a pure metal. A precious metal, copper is utilized extensively in electrical wiring, radiators, cars' computers, safety systems, batteries, starters, and alternators.

Palladium and Platinum:

Even though platinum and palladium are rare metals, your car likely contains both of them. This trash metal is probably in the catalytic converter of your car. When the engine is running, it assists in reducing pollution and CO2 gas emissions. The more expensive metal you can find in a catalytic converter, the higher its quality.


Many automotive parts contain aluminum, a material that can be recycled and transformed back into the same component. If you intend to sell your car for scrap metal, make sure the aluminum is in good condition.

The metal can be injected with various materials and has good corrosion resistance. Aluminum does not rust either, in contrast to ferrous metals.

What Components Of My Vehicle May I Sell As Scrap Metal?

The vehicle has a number of metal components that are reasonably valuable. Here are five pricey auto components that may be turned into scrap metal.

Catalytic Transformers!

Responsible for removing pollutants from the exhaust gases produced by vehicle engines during combustion. Precious metals are present in the catalyst. The sensors and other parts of the fuel system contain the same metals used in catalytic converters, such as platinum, palladium, rhodium, and iridium.

Rims and Vehicle Tires!

Since they are intended to support the entire weight of the vehicle, the car rims are composed of solid metal. Typically, alloy, chrome, or aluminum is used to make car rims. Because of this, selling them out might earn you a lot of money.

Additionally, if you're intending to replace your car's tires, see if you can scrap those as well. Due to their size and composition, car tires can potentially be sold as scrap.

Panels and Frames For Cars!

Your car also has a frame with high-value and recyclable metal panels. Your automobile has more valuable doors, panels, hood, windows, and other components if it is in better shape.

Volvo Engines!

Copper wires and other metal components make up the automobile engine, which weighs more than 150 kg. Make sure you properly separate the engine before planning to sell it, though.

Auto Bumper!

The front and rear of an automobile are protected in part by the bumper. Because of this, the majority of automotive bumpers are comprised of steel, aluminum, plastic, and fiberglass. Although your car may not be worth much, you can still get paid to scrap it.

Where Can I Sell My Engine-Damaged Cars in Dubai?

Making extra money from your engine-damaged cars is simple if you sell them for scrap metal. In Dubai, some of the well-known car recycling sites include:

Our instruction on how to sell your car for scrap metal comes to a close now. It is crucial to remember that the amount of money received for scrapping an automobile relies on a number of variables, including the make, model, year, and condition of the vehicle.

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What situations call for scrapping an automobile as the best option?

In some circumstances, selling the car is preferable to fixing it. First off, it's dangerous to replace essential spares because you can never be certain whether the parts are genuine or counterfeit. Driving an old car in poor condition is also dangerous for the driver's life and health as well as the lives of other road users. It's time to trash an old automobile and get paid cash for it since in some situations, the expense of restoring a non-drivable car might be higher than the cost of the vehicle itself.

What auto parts are the most valuable?

The bumper is one of the most expensive parts of an automobile that can be recycled. Selling doors, windows, mirrors, and electrical parts can bring in a big profit because these parts are frequently replaced rather than repaired and are therefore in great demand.

Recycling precious metal catalytic converters is not only beneficial to the environment but also highly profitable. You can get several bucks by selling a GPS system, and unused airbags are also highly expensive. Car batteries, windshield wiper arms, tires, rims, engine oil, and filters are a few additional components that can be sold, but for less money.

What is the detailed procedure for getting an automobile ready for scrap?

If you have made the decision to scrap your car, there are some legal, environmental, and financial factors to take into account. The best decision in selecting a car recycling firm, however, is crucial. The procedures for preparing a car for recycling are as follows:

Verify the ownership and title of the vehicle; collect your personal belongings; empty the vehicle of gasoline and other liquids; remove non-metal components; remove license plates; cancel insurance; and choose a company to analyze and scrap your car for the highest possible amount of money.

Does it have to have a title to be scrapped?

Yes, it is permissible to junk an automobile without a title, but you should check your state's regulations first. Most salvage yards and junk vehicle purchasers are willing to accept an automobile without a title for junking. This is due to the fact that these companies will only sell the parts and not service the vehicle. If you have the ability to accomplish it, you might also decide to scrap your car for parts.