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Our Mission is to be best in terms of customer’s satisfaction by providing you unique and easy door to door service for selling your working or non-working cars, to achieve such title we work 24/7 and help you sell your bad car from the comfort of your home or office. Our car towing team is on their toes day and night with thousands of hours working experience when it comes to lift up your damaged abandoned car from underground parking or from congested home garage.

Sell My Car Fast and Sell My Car for Cash

If you keep asking, “How do I sell my car for cash?” it is good to know that our mission at is to help you sell your used car quickly. Avoid online scams and stop paying for expensive ads. Instead of spending a small fortune on repairs, sell your car, SUV, or truck to one of our professional car buying agents. We work for you and make sure every car sale is a painless process. Sell your car fast and walk away with cash in your pocket immediately.


When determining the value of your car, it’s also important to take cost ownership into consideration. Selling a car quickly is important for a variety of reasons, and for many car owners, the need for speed is due to the money spent on car ownership. After purchasing a car, vehicle owners have a variety of costs to handle on a regular basis.

Simply having the title to a car can cost hundreds of dirhams, and a car that’s in use can easily cost you upwards of thousands of dirhams every year. Between the financing costs, insurance, maintenance issues, it’s easy to see how owning a vehicle can quickly drain your bank account. The question remains for many car owners: should you sell your car before it gets too old to catch a good value, or should you continue driving it until it loses its worth?

I need to sell my car fast

If you’re spending more just to maintain an old car that no longer runs well, it’s important to consider buying new. In order to do so, many need to sell their current car in order to afford the down payment on a new vehicle.

There are many ways that selling an old car can save you money. For example, perhaps your current car guzzles gas like that’s its profession; newer cars often get better mileage, which can save you thousands over the years. If your current car keeps breaking down and you see your mechanic at least once a month, switching to a newer car could see you providing less maintenance and paying for fewer repairs.

Another important consideration? Safety. According to research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the older a car is, the more likely its driver is to die in the event of crash. From airbag improvements to body work that makes newer cars more capable of protecting you from bodily harm, buying a newer car could play a huge role in keeping you and your loved ones safe.


If you have recently been in an accident or your car requires extensive repairs, it can be tough to decide between paying the costs of repairing your vehicle or selling it to access fast cash to purchase a new vehicle. You may be tired of pouring money into your vehicle, but it can be hard to make the decision to throw in the towel and simply buy a new one.

However, it’s important to consider the continued costs of repair and maintenance, especially for a vehicle that’s already been through the ringer. The costs of repairing a car can be immense, and the average expenditure for fixing damages can quickly add up. Even if you’re consistent with maintenance and take top-notch care of your car, there are some costly repairs you simply can’t avoid. This is often as a result of time itself or excessive wear resulting from regular driving patterns. Whether your brake rotors need replacing or your electrical parts stop working, you’ll find yourself forced to replace or pay to fix certain car parts regardless of your maintenance routine.

So the question stands: Is your car worth repairing? In many cases, vehicle owners find that cutting ties with their less than useful car is a better idea, for a multitude of reasons. For some, paying a mechanic to handle repairs can quickly add up to thousands of dirhams spent. Even a mechanic’s consultation can cost hundreds, and that’s just for a bit of advice. As you consider specific repairs, consider how long the repair in question will extend the life of your vehicle. If this repair is just the first in a long line of repairs to come, it makes more sense to trade in your vehicle for cash and use that to buy a new one.

HOW MUCH CAN I SELL MY CAR FOR? is the quickest, most efficient way to sell your car fast. We’ll give you cash for your used car, whether it’s wrecked, with bad engine, with transmission issue, running or not. We’ll work to determine a fair price for your car based on its make, model, and condition, and give you better prices than our competitors. Use our free online valuator, and take a look at our offers for your car, with no obligations. Take or leave our offer, with no money out of your pocket.

How do we determine your car’s value? We consider a variety of factors to make sure you receive a fair offer that’s better than other car buying services. Brand name and make and model of your car are the first indicators. We will also consider your vehicle history and car’s current condition during the evaluation.

We’ll factor in damages that may have been caused by former collisions, look at the wear and tear on your car’s machinery, and consider the interior and exterior of any vehicle while making our evaluation. Our professionals are skilled in determining a car’s true worth, and we work diligently to offer top price for cars in a variety of conditions.


Selling your car quickly and conveniently is easy with If your vehicle no longer suits your needs or can no longer serve its purpose, selling your car for is an easy solution. You can sell virtually any vehicle online, including cars, SUVS, vans, and trucks.

Selling to a private buyer leaves vehicle owners vulnerable to scams and fraudulent activity. is a licensed, legal and professional organization. We take the stress and worry out of selling your car, and you can trust that you’re getting the best possible offer for your unwanted vehicle.

Perhaps you’re in need of money immediately and asking yourself: How can I sell my car fast? Our team of seasoned professionals are trained to quickly assess any vehicle’s value, and offer competitive prices when buying your car.

Selling a car privately means navigating an endless process of titles, registration, and smog requirements. We take the work out of the selling process. No title ( Malkiya)? We’ll work to get you a duplicate copy the same day. Need to get a smog certificate (Hayaza)? We’ll take care of it.

WHEN SELLING MY CAR, HOW DOES THE CAR BUYING PROCESS WORK? makes it easy to sell your car fast. Simply tell us about your vehicle through a quick and easy rundown. Select the year, make, and model of your car. Provide us with your trim style and current mileage, email or Whatsapp over some pictures of your car, then sit back and let us do the rest of the work. We’ll give you an instant online offer. You can also call +971504445882 to talk to an agent and receive a cash offer over the phone.

We work hard to make the process as hassle free as possible, and will often come directly to you with cash in hand. Simply choose a date and time that’s convenient for you, and one of our seasoned car buying agents will come to inspect your car in order to verify its reported condition. It’s important to answer our questions about your car’s condition as accurately as possible to ensure the process goes off without a hitch. Once everything is checked, we’ll handle the towing and give you the accepted offer in your preferred form of payment. We’re committed to providing our clients with high-quality customer service, offering top price for your unwanted car. We’re here to help at every step of the way. Reach out to our professional buying agents with any question; we’re dedicated to making your car selling experience great.


Using a car buying service like means avoiding the headache and stress of dealing with car dealerships or private buyers. Our process is designed to be as simple and easy as possible, and our car buying agent will happily guide you through the selling process. Our help customer service team is available to answer your questions—selling your car fast has never been easier.

Get instant cash for your unwanted car, whether it’s in mint condition or has been in several wrecks. We buy cars in various conditions; from junk cars to luxury vehicles and everything in between, and promise a fair market value on every buy. We’ll buy any year, make, or model vehicle, including cars, pickups, SUVs, vans, and sports cars. If you have a car on your hands that you no longer want, let make the car buying process simple and hassle-free.

With free door to door service across the UAE, you’ll find that we can help you sell your car fast; for many clients, we purchase their vehicle and provide payment within hours. Whether you’re in need of fast cash or you simply want to rid yourself of an unwanted car that’s sat parked in your driveway or garage for far too long, is your premier car buying service.

We buy all types of cars: from clunkers to classics, luxury sedans to performance vehicles, if you have a car you no longer want, let our buying agents make you an offer you won’t want to refuse. Sell your car for cash and get a higher price than a lease return or dealership trade in. To get started, fill out the form below to get an instant response and begin the process to sell your Kharab car the easy way.