Can I Sell My Car If I Am Not in the UAE?

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  • 22 May,2024 , 01:10 pm

Can I Sell My Car If I Am Not in the UAE?

Many people don't sell their cars before they depart because they have to return home in a short period. It is feasible, nevertheless, to sell the car in the UAE while you are traveling abroad. 

To transfer ownership on behalf of someone else who is presently residing in the Emirates, the owner must formally execute a Power of Attorney (POA) in that person's name. Here's a comprehensive how-to guide for selling your car in the UAE when you're overseas:

Steps to Sell Your Car If You're Not in UAE

By taking the procedures listed below, you can sell your car if you are not in the United Arab Emirates.

Transfer Power of Attorney 

It would be excellent if you were granted a power of attorney before moving overseas. If not, you must create a legally binding POA in the name of a reliable UAE resident from overseas.

Appropriation of Power of Attorney

Although obtaining a POA from another nation may appear challenging, it is fortunately possible.

Power of Attorney Given to Authorities

Individuals who possess a vehicle power of attorney are permitted to:

  • On your behalf, sell or transfer a car
  • Renew the car's insurance and registration.
  • Sign the transfer paperwork.
  • Accept the money from the sale on your behalf.
  • Repay parking fines and moving infractions.
  • Appear in all government departments on your behalf.

How to Apply for Power of Attorney 

These simple steps will assist you in getting POA ready for foreign car purchases. First and foremost, confirm that a reputable company wrote your POA. It should be made very explicit in the POA that you wish to transfer a power of attorney for the car to someone else. In the UAE, getting one drafted takes about eight days.

In the UAE, a lot of businesses provide services for drafting vehicle power of attorney documents. 

  • After that, sign the POA in front of a solicitor or notary. In the UK, for example, you might sign your power of attorney (POA) in front of a notary public or a solicitor. A notary public will witness your signature on the power of attorney and affix their embossed seal.
  • The notary's signature on the POA is legitimate and recognizable in the United Arab Emirates, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • After the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has authorized the POA, have the UAE Embassy certify it.

UAE Law Enforcement

The UAE's Ministry of Foreign Affairs then approves POA after it has been attested. Anyone can legalize something on your behalf in the United Arab Emirates.

Should your POA be written in a different language, have a qualified legal translator convert it into Arabic. It is crucial to remember that, to avoid having your application denied, the Arabic translator needs to hold a license from the UAE Ministry of Justice.

Change the Ownership of the Vehicle 

Vehicle ownership may be passed to the selected attorney with the legalization of vehicle power of attorney.

The Procedure for Transferring Ownership of the Vehicle

To give the new car buyer possession of the car, the attorney holder will take the actions listed below. 

Mortgage Payoff

When selling a car, you have to pay off any existing debt if you obtain financing from the bank. The bank notifies RTA to amend the loan status in the RTA system once the seller repays the loan. 

As soon as the records are updated, the Road and Transportation Authority will notify the owner of the car. Usually, the entire procedure takes between 24 and 48 hours.

Testing of Vehicles 

In the United Arab Emirates, a car can only be passed on to a new owner after passing the RTA vehicle test. The RTA issues a test certificate with a "Pass" or "Fail" stamp after the vehicle test. You can go to Tasjeel for automobile testing.

The test certificate will include a list of all the issues with the car that need to be rectified if the test is unsuccessful. As a result, it is advisable to get the car checked before listing it for sale. 


The buyer can now apply for insurance after the car passes the test and all fines have been paid. After fulfilling the requirements of the insurance provider, the policy may be transferred to the new owner if there are seven months or more left on it.

Not every insurance provider, though, offers a transfer policy. If there are at least seven or more months left on the insurance, you can also request a refund or cancel it. With the aid of Emirates Vehicle Gate, you can get insurance and look up the vehicle's history.

Transfer of Ownership

Transferring ownership of the car is the last stage. At the time of transfer, you as the seller or your authorized representative must be present with a valid POA, Emirates ID, and vehicle testing certificate.

The buyer must bring the following documents with them:

  • Operative auto insurance
  • A passport bearing a visa for residence in the United Arab Emirates
  • Emirates ID Driving Permit

Once all the paperwork has been verified, the RTA agent will ask the parties to sign a sale and buy agreement. If the real owner or seller is abroad, the seller with proof of authority (POA) can now lawfully sell the vehicle in the United Arab Emirates.

If someone wishes to sell a car online in the United Arab Emirates, the same process is followed. You can now give the buyer ownership of the vehicle after the procedure is finished.