Sell Your Car Online if It Has a Bad Engine

  • 18 November,2023 , 03:58 pm

Sell Your Car Online if It Has a Bad Engine

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What Should I Do If My Car Has Engine Issues?

Many kinds of damage can lead to a broken car engine. However, the primary causes are either inadequate vehicle lubrication or a malfunction in the cooling system. Although it is a fairly common problem with cars, engine repair is not always feasible.

Depending on the degree of damage, repairing this costly and intricate auto component might not be an option. Alternatively, you may have to trade in or sell your car if it has a bad engine. We have some understanding of how the process operates because we purchase many of these cars on a daily basis.

How Can I Tell Whether the Engine in My Car Is Blown?

Finding the source of the breakdown is necessary before fixing an engine that has broken down. Engine breakdown can occur for a number of reasons, so you need to identify the right source. An engine seizure may be brought on by inadequate lubrication.

Consequently, the combination of hot temperatures and metallic engine parts produces friction. On the other hand, low oil levels can lead to overheating and eventually damage the engine's major parts. If the vehicle with the damaged engine is old, you can either trade it in as totaled if the repairs are more than the car's worth, or you can just sell it as junk.

Other mechanical components like the pistons, cylinders, crankshaft, or cylinder head may be impacted by an engine seizure. In each of these scenarios, an engine repair specialist must take the engine out of the car while it's cold, drain all of the coolant, and disconnect the engine.

Causes of a Blown Engine:

Seizures typically happen in the area between the cylinder and the piston. Since the upper part of the cylinder has the highest temperature, this is where the seizure typically occurs.

  • Because engine seizures can be expensive, it's usually preferable to avoid them altogether.
  • You should be aware of a few additional possible causes of engine seizures, such as:
  •  Poor lubrication: as a result of low viscosity, lost qualities in the oil, or a lack of pressure.
  • Low engine water level or cooling system malfunction are two causes of poor cooling.
  • Failure of the compression segment occurs when the lubricant layer ruptures or ignites, increasing friction between the two components.
  • Connecting rod imbalance: the cylinder will wear the piston more on one side if the crankshaft is not properly balanced.

Such engine damaged cars can be avoided with proper auto maintenance. In any other case, you might end up with a non-running vehicle.

How to Identify a Failing Engine?

There are multiple obvious indicators that your engine is breaking down. Loss of power and slowing down are common engine symptoms. It could also start to make more noise. These noises resemble rattling clicks or striking metal.

In the event that this occurs while driving, try lifting the clutch foot to allow the oil to lubricate the cylinder, provided traffic permits it. This lowers the vehicle's temperature and renders it immobile. The cylinder head gasket should always be replaced when fixing a damaged engine.

This is due to the engine's propensity to distort and lose compression when it is opened. There's a chance the engine will blow up again if nothing is done. After the repair, it is also crucial to correctly reassemble all of the engine's seized parts. In this manner, there are no clearances to potentially lead to wear irregularities and friction.

Advice for Selling a Car with Engine Problems!

It is best practice to replace the cylinder head gasket whenever repairing an engine that has broken. This is due to the engine's propensity to deform and lose its initial compression when it is opened. There would be a chance of another engine failure if nothing was altered.

The cost of repairing a broken engine is contingent upon the vehicle's make and model, as well as the degree of damage resulting from the malfunction. You may have to pay for the engine or engine components in addition to the labor costs.

If you are unable to fix your vehicle's engine, purchasing a rebuilt or scrapped engine is a good option. It might be wiser to take a car with a damaged engine to an auto-wrecking yard rather than attempting to fix it yourself. If junking your car is something you are thinking about doing, try searching for car junkyards in your area or just doing it online.

A Car With A Blown Engine: How To Sell It?

It's crucial to control your expectations if you have to sell a car with engine problems. Securing a good price can be challenging because an automobile with a malfunctioning engine is worth much less than one in good operating order.

The first step in selling a car that needs a new engine is to get in touch with local dealerships and ask them what kind of trade-in value they would be willing to offer you. Some dealerships may allow you to sell them a car even if it has engine problems, but not all of them will.

Your next course of action would be to try and find out who buys cars with blown engines; junkyards are most likely the answer if dealerships in your area aren't biting or offering what you believe to be a fair market value. Although towing expenses will be an issue, you might be able to sell a car with a seized engine to these yards for a higher price.

Utilizing an online junk car buyer like is arguably the simplest way to quickly determine the value of a car with a blown engine and sell it.

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Can An Automobile With A Blown Engine Be Traded In?

A car with a blown engine can be traded in, though you might not get the best deal. Dealerships may undervalue your car if they can't fix it and resell it as a used car because they don't specialize in dealing with troubled vehicles.

Selling your car with mechanical issues can be made simpler if you take it to a yard or an online company that specializes in selling cars with issues. The greatest location to sell a car with a damaged engine is here! In just 30 minutes, we can provide you with a quote for your vehicle that includes free car valuation.


I Have A Bad Engine in My Car; Where Can I Sell It?

The ideal location to sell a car that needs an engine replacement is a shop that specializes in wrecked vehicles. You might be able to get a reasonable market value offer for your car from a nearby yard. It can be an issue, though, as not all yards will include free towing in their offers.

You probably won't want to pay for the car to be towed if you're trying to sell one that has a blown motor or a damaged transmission. Instead, find a buyer who will buy your car outright for cash even if it has mechanical problems, and make sure the offer includes free towing.

Is It Worth It To Replace A Car's Engine?

If you're considering replacing your engine, you should do the calculations beforehand. The majority of the time, trying to replace an engine is just not worth it. This is due to the fact that a new engine can often cost several thousand bucks; if your car is older or has other issues, it probably doesn't make sense to spend that much money on repairs.

Is It Better To Repair An Issued Engine Prior To Trading It In?

You need to perform some calculations if you're considering trading in a car with engine issues and want to know if you should fix the engine first. Engine repairs are costly, and if you spend too much on them, you might not end up with much of a profit at all.

It's critical to consider the value of a car with a blown engine. Will fixing it still make money? Generally speaking, the response is no.

Unless your car is brand new, buying a new engine or replacing an old one will be too costly.

What Would I Be Worth If My Car's Engine Seizes?

Getting an offer from a handy online service like is the best way to find out how much you can sell a car with a bad engine for. We can offer you money for your car in as little as 30 minutes, regardless of whether it has a blown engine, transmission issues, or significant frame damage. If you accept our quote, we'll pay you within 24 to 48 hours.