How to Sell Your Abandoned Cars in Dubai!

  • 18 October,2023 , 12:57 pm

How to Sell Your Abandoned Cars in Dubai!

Selling your abandoned cars in Dubai is not usually a simple task. The most frequent problems encountered when selling old cars.

 Test for RTA Registration for Abandoned Cars in Dubai!

You must successfully complete the RTA Registration test before you can sell your car. You cannot provide the customer with your car if the vehicle fails the RTA test. Numerous causes can contribute to RTA test failure.

The following are some of the more typical problems that result in a failing RTA registration safety test.

  • Older than five years or worn-out tires
  • Shattered front shrubs
  • Any inoperative lights, including the front headlight
  • A gearbox or engine oil leak
  • Deteriorated suspensions
  • Defective or faulty front and rear brakes

The car will pass the retest and be simple to transfer to the new owner if all issues are fixed. We can acquire an automobile at a fair price if you're still selling it in its current condition, and we'll also handle any repairs, passing, and the transfer of ownership to a new owner.

Complications in Mechanical and Electrical Systems!

Deals are frequently lost when a vehicle with performance concerns is on display. The majority of individuals are unwilling to purchase an automobile with issues. Even when a vehicle is promoted for sale at pitiful competitive pricing, buyers become fearful and lose trust in buying it.

Regardless of the condition, our professionals are skilled at spotting any automotive problems and will give you a fair price for your car.

Classified Ads!

It can be expensive to advertise an automobile on most platforms. You don't have many opportunities for free advertising, particularly in Dubai. The issue is that a lot of money is spent without even selling abandoned cars.

Bring your car to us instead of paying for adverts and waiting around for a buyer because guarantees to buy any car within 30 minutes.

Uncertain Prospective Car Buyers!

Dealing with time-wasting buyers can make selling any car in Dubai rather hectic. Even though test drives are typical, a buyer may occasionally request that the seller take the automobile to their technician for a technical inspection.

But keep in mind that most consumers prefer to browse rather than buy, and not everyone wants to make a purchase. Expect numerous phone calls and appointments while selling a car that doesn't result in a transaction.

Before allowing the buyer to test-drive the car, make sure they are at ease with your price range. Lastly, if the buyer decides to buy the car. As a guarantee for the sale, request a 5% down payment on the total price. will be helpful if you don't want to encounter a time-wasting situation. You can sell the car within 30 minutes if you sell it to us.

Mortgage Bank Financing!

Selling an automobile while it is still financed by a bank is quite challenging. The majority of consumers are leery of such offers and will decline the Deal offer. Most buyers won't pay off the outstanding debt unless it's a business, though. This is why you should pay off your mortgage before you start marketing the car because such dangers are strongly avoided.

Your chances of selling the car are slim if your financial status prevents you from paying off the mortgage. However, we buy cars that are still subject to bank mortgages, which subsequently pay off the debt for you.

Cost of Abandoned Cars in Dubai!

Do some homework before promoting your vehicle. To determine your vehicle's worth, compare similar automobile trims and miles.

Even if estimation values can be misleading, you might receive the wrong impression from a group of dream sellers who are asking for exorbitant prices, preventing you from taking advantage of a clear opportunity to sell a car for cash.

However, using websites like is preferable to estimating your car's value. In 30 minutes, get the best deal. Even if you follow all the rules, sometimes no one may want to buy your car. It can be a little dated or a unique model. The color of the car is another possibility.

Make sure buyers are looking for similar automobiles by doing market research before you sell your car. Bring your automobile to us if you don't want to go through this stressful, time-consuming process since we buy any car of any make or model in any condition.

If you have committed a significant traffic infraction like running a red light, driving while intoxicated, or hit-and-run, your car may be confiscated. You cannot sell your car if it is locked in the RTA system as a result of a fine until the fine is paid. Therefore, be careful to pay all RTA fines and have the car released from impound before listing it for sale.

Prevent Payment from Scams!

Make sure you are completely paid before transferring possession of the vehicle to avoid falling victim to fraud. Keep in mind that you lose ownership of the vehicle as soon as you sign the transfer documents at the RTA office.

If you transfer ownership before making a payment, it will be challenging to establish your ownership rights. The purchaser may assert that they have already made deposits.

If the buyer wants to use a bank transfer or bank check as the method of payment, go to a bank beforehand and cash the check before going to the RTA office. The best course of action is to fully avoid cheques and obtain cash from RTA facilities prior to completing the necessary documentation.

You can bring any abandoned cars to us and we can make an immediate cash payment to avoid this at