Selling A Car With A Blown Engine

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  • 12 June,2024 , 12:21 pm

Selling A Car With A Blown Engine

Nothing is worse than stopping on the side of the road with a blown engine that is smoking and broken. An engine-damaged car or burst head gasket can be quite problematic. You could be surprised to see how much engine repairs cost and you might not know what caused the engine breakdown (which makes sense given that most people are not familiar with engine blocks).

There is, however, a bright side. You can always sell your damaged car for a tidy sum of money if your engine issues are too serious to fix!

Selling your used, damaged, or salvaged car is quick and simple with us at Sell your automobile for cash to us, and we'll pay you right away. Forget negotiating with individual purchasers and hefty engine repair bills. Even towing is free with us! How simple is that?

You'll learn how to get the best price when selling your car with a blown engine by following this blog.

Find the Worth of Your Engine-Damaged Car

Getting an approximate estimate of the value of your car should be your priority. A used car will always sell for less than a new one, as new cars tend to be more expensive. Additionally, you can hire a mechanic to identify the issue with your engine and provide you with an estimate for repairs.

It's possible that you can afford to have the engine problems fixed. If so, you may decide against selling it. However, selling your car to a salvage yard or used car dealership could be a better option if you believe the prospective sales price of your vehicle outweighs the cost of having it fixed.

Car appraisals are simple with our FREE car valuation system. To provide you with an estimate, all we require is a few simple facts that you can contact us online. We'll need the following in order to provide a free quote:

  • The vehicle's condition and damage
  • The year, make, and model
  • The reading on the odometer
  • images of the outside taken from every viewpoint 
  • Images of the interior, including the odometer

To Whom Should You Sell Your Car if the Engine Blows?

The person who thinks your engineless automobile has the most potential will be the best buyer. They are willing to pay extra for the potential that they perceive.

You may be able to identify specialized car stores or individuals who specialise in restorations who might be interested in purchasing your antique or rare car if its engine breaks down.

Choosing a car salvage company is your best option. We have the facilities in place to recycle or repair every part of your vehicle, even if the engine blows. We are able to provide such affordable costs because of this!

In addition, we accept almost any kind of vehicle, including trucks, SUVs, and Vans.

Getting Money for Your Damaged Car!

Get all the information in writing as soon as you've identified a car buyer and agreed on a buying price to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

We will only require a small amount of paperwork, all of which may be sent electronically by email. Once you sign the contract, a free tow vehicle will be dispatched to us. As soon as our truck arrives to take up your car, you will be compensated.

Please be aware that all payments for car salvage must be made..And that's it! You now have some more cash in your pocket and your driveway or garage is clear once more.


What occurs if my engine blows but my debt remains unpaid?

You must legally make your monthly loan payments to the lender until the amount is repaid, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Your loan repayment terms are unaffected by the fact that your car is a total loss. Even though you are unable to drive your car, your lender nevertheless has the right to receive the entire amount of the loan back.

Can an engine that has exploded be fixed?

The amount of damage will determine how much of an engine can be repaired. Simple issues like a broken timing belt, piston, or head gasket can be fixed. Sometimes, though, the only viable solution is to replace the engine since the flaws are too severe to fix.

What occurs when an engine in an automobile blows up?

How would you handle an engine explosion? The broken valve will cause smoke and extremely hot, pressurized oil to shoot out of the top of the engine. This calls for a completely new engine. A blown engine is a costly and oftentimes necessary engine replacement.